Pueblo so-called “Citizen’s Arrest” beating update: Men charged with Felonies by District Attorney

7 min readMay 17
Still frame from original surveillance video of the Sept 14th 2022 incident

Last month I exposed a huge cover-up by the Pueblo Police Department involving a so-called “Citizen’s Arrest” that involved multiple individuals holding and beating an at-risk homeless individual accused of allegedly striking a teacher at a nearby school. Doug Cullison and Nate Cullison have now both been charged in connection to the incident with the same Felony charge: Second degree assault with a deadly weapon, a Class 4 Felony which carries a mandatory sentence of 5–16 years if convicted as charged.

After being exposed, the Pueblo Police Department’s Chief Steven “Chris” Noeller gave an exclusive interview to KRDO where he insists and stresses to KRDO that this wasn’t a “cover up” it was just “a series of judgment errors and mistakes in police work.” He also told KRDO at the time that he was referring 3rd degree assault charges, a misdemeanor, for Doug and Nate Cullison as well as the victim for his alleged assault against the teacher. He added that Nate could not face more serious charges because he is a trained fighter. Noeller explained that the injuries he caused would be the determining factor on the level of assault. However, 10th Judicial District Attorney Jeff Chostner opted to press felony assault charges against the Cullisons and third degree misdemeanor assault against the victim. The Chieftain reported a 1992 Colorado Supreme Court decision, People v. Ross, affirmed that fists can be considered deadly weapons, “depending on the manner in which they are used.”

Noeller, in a bid to obtain more money for the Police Department from Pueblo City Council on May 8th, said during a presentation that “it’s a stressful time for everybody.” During that same meeting at public comment, one citizen called for Noeller to step down in wake of the department’s handling of this case.

These statements from Noeller, an internal affairs investigation and his referral of charges come after PPD was exposed for not following up to an email where the owner of the business where this incident took place showed Pueblo Police was aware of the video just 5 days after it happened. A PPD spokesperson had initially told news media outlets the department had just become aware of surveillance video of the scene, they would…