Pueblo Corruption Exposed: Son of IT Department Director finally placed on administrative leave 2 months after arrest and attack of coworker.

4 min readDec 9, 2023

This started off as just a simple tip from an anonymous source that Marshall Pinz had an attacked a fellow city employee on September 21st, 2023. They found it suspicious as the attacker was allegedly the son of the Pueblo IT department’s Director, Lori Pinz who the anonymous source has alleged was also close personal friends with the HR Director Marisa Pacheco (who herself was involved in an affair with then City Manager Jerry Pacheco, who later divorced his current wife and married Marisa) and Laura Solano, who pueblo Mayor Nick Gradisar made chief of staff in 2019.

The victim’s wife, Christine Musso, gave public comment at the Pueblo City Council meeting on November 27th. At the meeting it was alleged that the city had allowed Marshall Pinz to take leave after his arrest, using his own vacation time and to add insult to injury they sent an email asking employees to donate vacation time to the attacker due to an alleged health issue. I exclusively obtained a screenshot of this email from an anonymous source, I also verified it’s authenticity through a CORA request to the city of Pueblo.

Email to Pueblo City employees asking for vacation donations to Marshall Pinz for an “endocrinology problem”

After verifying the e-mail’s authenticity I sent an email to the City’s director of public…