NO ACCOUNTABILITY OR TRANSPARENCY — Cullisons receive Class 1 Misdemeanor deferred sentences, IA slaps Officer Baca and Heblinger on the wrists with warnings.

3 min readSep 22, 2023

Correction: An earlier version claimed BWC wasn’t available until May 9th after the chiefs email dated May 3rd, fact checking after we found BWC available May 1st so we’re unsure why the chief made this misnomer. Also an earlier version stated that McLallen never stated he personally knew Nathan, but omitted that he did acknowledge being acquaintances in high school.

This morning Douglas and Nathan Cullison were sentenced in a plea deal arrangement in which they plead down to a 3rd degree Class 1 Misdemeanor assault for the brutal beating of a homeless man and both received one year deferred sentences. This essentially means if they abide by the terms of their agreement for one year the misdemeanor will not be counted as a conviction at the end of the deferred sentence.

Meanwhile, Teresa (Maria) Cullison has also doubled down and initiated a lawsuit against the homeless man.

The Pueblo Police Department has also finally released HEAVILY redacted IA documents. An 89 page report has a conclusion that is almost entirely redacted:


Everything after this paragraph is blacked out for the last 2 pages of the…