Cullisons served with civil lawsuit for Battery and False Imprisonment

2 min readJun 18, 2023

Douglas and Nathaniel Cullison made their first court appearance on June 14th, 2023 where they are facing felony second degree assault charges. They are being represented by Joe Koncilja, who gave an interview to KRDO telling cameras that he “doesn’t care what the law says” and that if someone “knocked (her) down, you’re gonna get an ass kicking.”

Koncilja is referring to an allegation, in which he claims the victim spit on Teresa Cullison, as well as school staff, and that they went inside the school for 15 minutes and when they came out he was “waiting in the parking lot” and that he “knocked her down.”

This version of events however seems to contradict prior reported testimony by Teresa that she was “struck” and “punched” in her 911 call and as reported in the Pueblo Police Department narrative for the incident. Before this story even broke, Nate Cullison had messaged me on Facebook stating that she had been “punched in the face.” This contradictory information can only mean one of two things, either Teresa is lying about what actually happened or the Cullison’s attorney just lied about what happened in front of news cameras.

Nate Cullison message to me on Facebook in which he claims Teresa was “punched in the face.”

After the court appearance the Cullisons were served with a civil lawsuit for BATTERY, EXTREME AND OUTRAGEOUS CONDUCT, and FALSE IMPRISONMENT for their actions involving the victim. A hearing for the law suit 2023CV30302 will happen on July 10th, 2023 at 3:00 PM Mountain time in Judge Tim O’Shea’s court room. It will be virtual and public meeting links are listed on the court’s website.

Civil complaint against Doug and Nate Cullison