Update 10/3/2018: Thanks to everyone who read the article, listened to the phone call in it and shared and made noise. The ARRL is now in talks with the FCC! http://www.arrl.org/news/arrl-fcc-discussing-issue-of-uncertified-imported-vhf-uhf-transceivers

After I published yesterday’s correspondence with the FCC, Laura Smith reached out and stated that she misinterpreted what I…

The FCC has backpedaled on everything in this article, please go here and read the new article: https://medium.com/@lucky225/fcc-back-peddles-all-transceivers-capable-of-transmitting-on-frequencies-that-require-40377a3722c5

Did the FCC just make Baofengs illegal?

On Monday, September 24th, 2018 the FCC issued Public Notice DA 18–980, Enforcement Advisory № 2018–03 that sent the Amateur Radio community into a frenzy across several Facebook groups. Hackaday went as…


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